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Gløde automatik Glow-4-Plus
[Glow 4 Plus]

Gløde automatik Glow-4-Plus


It´s for Glow engines in idle running to prevent that the speed
trough a too small glow temparature goes down ,
or the engine stops by ecceleration or longer time
in idle running . Its recomendable always to heat glowspark
elektricaly .
The Glow 4 Plus beginns to heat by ½ or ¾ gas and reaches
full glow temperatur when in idle running.
The connection its be done with a Y-leads on the same reciver
output as the trothle servo , or an open Mixer on a
free reciver exit .
By connection over a free reciver exit and control with a Mixer
you can adjust the heat temparatur more exact .

Pin connect
Red/blue = battery green/yellow = Glowspark conection servolead = reciver conection
Dipp switch function
Switch 1 = “ON” switches funktion on
Switch 2 = “ON” switches automatic funktion on , ( switch 3 and 4 must bee in off position )
For other Adjustment put switch 2 = “OFF” position
Switch 3 4 = “OFF” cold glow Spark
Switch 3 = “ON” and 4 = “OFF” middle glow Spark
Switch 3 = “OFF” and 4 = “ON” midle hot glow Spark
Switch 3 - 4 = “ON” hot glow Spark
Power Supply
The Glow 4 Plus needs as power supply NiCd- or NiMH batteries . The number of Cells
you need is one battery for every glow Spark +1 Cell . You need at least 2 Cells for one glow Spark and
maximum 5 Cells for 4 glow Spark´s .

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